Megan E. Glor, Attorneys at Law, is a premier law firm in the Northwest advocating for the rights of the disabled, the sick, the eldery and their families. Megan Glor is nationally recognized by her peers for her exceptional knowledge and expertise with ERISAmatters.

Your case is important to us. We approach every case uniquely, developing a customized legal strategy that best suits your facts and needs. Our ERISA lawyers have helped hundreds of people get disability and medical benefits when their insurance company denied them. We take the burden off of you so that you are free to focus on your illness, recovery, other employment, and retirement.

We often fight against the same insurance carriers, and are familiar with the wrongful tactics they employ. You can benefit from our expertise and past victories in this area by contacting us about your claim. We commit to providing the very best legal representation and are frequently complimented for our trusted advice, our results, our responsiveness, our integrity and our affordable rates.

Our Practice Areas

Initial Application for Benefits

We help our clients file the best application possible for insurance benefits. It is important to know applicable ERISA rules and procedures when you are initially filing your claim, and we can advise you before filing how to improve your case. We also help you understand your policy, how it limits your claim, how to create a record and the strongest evidence for your claim, and how to watch out for wrongful conduct by your insurer.

Appeal of Claim Denial or Decision with the Insurer

Our law firm can help you, once you receive a denial by the insurer, with the filing of a claim appeal. This is a required step under ERISA before you can proceed with a lawsuit. The claim appeal also provides you a chance to strengthen your administrative record. We are experienced with the important deadlines and procedures related to this required appeal process.

Litigation of the Wrongful Denial or Termination of Disability Benefits

Let us help you challenge the wrongful denial or termination of your disability benefits. Our lawyers are skillful litigators of ERISA disability claims and have decades of experience in the courtroom handling these matters successfully. See our Success. Often our cases settle out of court to the satisfaction of our clients as the insurance company sees how strong the case is.

Litigation of Wrongful Denial of Health/Medical Claims

We can help you fight a denial of coverage for a medical service, procedure or treatment in a variety of ways. You can benefit from our representation before filing a claim, before or during the internal appeal for coverage, or in a lawsuit contesting the denied coverage. We have ample experience litigating ERISA health claims and have secured important legal victories for our clients in this area. See our Successes.

Litigation of Life Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are known to on occasion improperly deny claims for life insurance benefits. Our firm has expertise with life insurance claims. We can help you at different stages of seeking these benefits; in filing your initial application, by helping you develop a strong record to show entitlement, in an appeal, and with contesting any denial by litigation.

Social Security Disability Income Claims

Often our disability clients also seek disability income from Social Security. We can help you with applying for Social Security disability benefits, and advise you on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), SSDI for a spouse and minor children, and all issues related to SSDI. We also have expertise with litigating and appealing these matters, as well as protecting our clients’ interests around matters of any offset from private disability insurance. It is helpful to have all of these efforts coordinated by us.